Collaborative Selling Scorecard

Assess your approach to winning business the modern way

Collaborative selling uses the mindset and ethos of partnering.

The skills of building great relationships are used by the most successful sales people and as we see changes in the world of sales this is the way of working that will continue to drive results for all parties.

Is this you? Are you ready?

This assessment will allow you to understand how close you already are to using a collaborative selling style and what you need to do to improve.

Collaborative selling assumes an existing degree of sales competence and to give a fair assessment takes effort to be prepared to invest 6-7 minutes of your time to find out how you are doing.

The questions cover PQ (Partnering Intelligence) and each part of the VALUE framework which we use to guide effective sales activity. Your alignment to the shared values of those most suited for this type of selling is also considered.

Answer as honestly as possible to give yourself the best idea of how you can move your selling to the next level.

If you are a sales leader you may want to answer on behalf of your team (or even send them a link and discuss results). 

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